Scoliosis Activity Suit System

Tornado Suit Protocol Provides
 Treatments For:

* Juvenile Scoliosis

* Adolescent Scoliosis

* Adult Scoliosis

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Scoliosis Treatment With The Scoliosis Activity Suit System

Dr. Niederkohr at Anchor Bay Spine Center in New Baltimore, Michigan, can provide you with remarkable results for scoliosis.


The scoliosis activity suit systemis a non-invasive scoliosis neuromuscular rehabilitation program that combines:

- Active spinal rehabilitation

-Pettibon Weighting System-Active isometric spinal rehabilitation that strengthens weak postural muscles and aids in putting the spine in its proper structure.

- Neuromuscular re-education of postural reflexes-Your posture is at the mercy of your postural reflexes.  This means your posture is under unconscious control and we must re-educate your postural reflexes to have long term success with scoliosis.

- Balance retraining

- Specific spinal adjustments-each spinal adjustment is very specific to each individial and will expediate the scoliosis treatment goals.

-Stretching and Strengthening of specific muscles involved in scoliosis

-TornadoSuit, leads to an immediate correction of the scoliosis from 15%-40%.  Unlike conventional rigid bracing where many of the core muscles weaken over time from inactivity, postural muscle activity actually increased while wearing this lightweight tornadoSuit.


-Improve quality of life

-Improve Self Esteem

-Increase Breathing Function

-Decrease Cobb Angle (Scoliosis X-ray measurement)

-Improved Visual Posture

-Decrease Pain

 Any kid with severe scoliosis – a curvature of the spine – knows:
 Traditional treatment braces are awful. 
They're big, bulky and take a long time to do their job. 

Anchor Bay Spine Center (New Baltimore, MI.)
 is offering an alternative that's comfier – and quicker.
 It's called Scoliosis Activity Suit. And,…
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Out Of Scoliosis Activity Suit System

In Scoliosis Activity Suit System

Pettibon Weighting System


"My daughter was headed for scoliosis surgery after bracing did not work. Luckily a friend recommended Anchor Bay Spine Center. Skeptical at first, I did not know if this would work. I was completely wrong! My daughter is breathing easier, not in pain and her scoliosis decreased by 50%! I tell everyone now!
-Kevin B.


"I had a severe spinal injury and I was told that I'd never be pain-free again. After 2 weeks of going to Dr. Niederkohr, I was completely off all pain medications for the 1st time in 3 years. ABSC has changed my life and I genuinely recommend it to anyone with any type of spine, back or neck problem."
-Cheryl C.


"I never knew I had scoliosis until my back started aching unbearably. My dad is going there and he had no complaints, and referred me. I've been going to see Dr. Art and now my spine is almost perfect, I said bye to scoliosis and hello to a more fulfilling life. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, I've had friends that went to chiropractors and none of them compare to Anchor Bay."
-Tom Haas Jr.
The scoliosis activity suit is comfortable and easy to wear!

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