Get Started

Your First Visit!

Individual will fill out patient intake form.
The doctor will check patient for postural deficiency, lung capacity, chest expansion and scoliometer test. 
X-rays will be performed to determine degree of
 scoliosis and how rigid the curve is.
Estimated time: 1 hour (including paperwork)
Your Second Visit!
 Doctor will go over report of findings and x-ray with patient.
Patient will undergo a specific sample treatment tailored to the patients needs and goals.
This sample treatment will include active spinal rehabilitation, spinal adjustment, Pettibon Weighting System (PWS), neuromuscular re-education of the postural reflexes, stretching and strengthening of specific muscles involved in scoliosis and TornadoSuit measurements if necessary.

 (This scoliosis activity suit is specific to each patient).
While wearing the PWS (and possibly the TornadoSuit), the patient has an x-ray taken (stress x-ray). The purpose of the x-ray lets us if the patient is an ideal candidate for our treatment. If spinal alignment and scoliosis is worse with the equipment is on, we cannot help.

If the spinal alignment and scoliosis is better, we can help and the patient is an ideal candidate. This lets you know we can help before you waste time, money and energy to a futile cause.
 If you are concerned about x-ray exposure, FDA estimates that the radiation exposure from a scoliosis x- ray is roughly equivalent to the background radiation you are exposed to in 10 ordinary days on planet Earth.
Estimated Time: 1.5 hours max.
Your Third Visit!

Doctor will let patient know if they are a candidate for care.
If they are not, we can refer to the proper health care provider. 
If they are, a treatment plan will be discussed and well as financials. 

We do accept most insurances and we do accept Care Credit. 
Patient will receive most or all of their scoliosis rehabilitation
 at this time. 
Patient will receive home therapy instructions also. 
Patient will get started on
 reducing their scoliosis!
Estimated time: 45 minutes-one hour
Home Therapy!

 The patient will be prescribed home scoliosis therapy and home therapy equipment. This home care will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes done twice a day.

 PATIENT MUST BE COMPLIANT. The doctor will not accept a case if patient is not committed to doing the therapy at home. 
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