Do You Live Far From Us?

If you are interested in our therapy but live far away, the ISRP (Intensive Scoliosis Rehabilitation Protocol) plan maybe the solution for you.  

Goals For Scoliosis Programs

1.)Improve function and balance 
2.)Reduce/halt scoliosis curves
3.) Reduce or eliminate pain
4.) Improve their life
5.) Give patient home blueprint 
to continue care after
 leaving our office

The intensive scoliosis rehab protocol is a 1-2 week program.
We will do a re-examination, re-x-ray, and give a home care treatment plan so the patient can hold the spine in a more stable and functional position.

The last treatment visit, we will re x-ray the spine 

What is the ISRP?

The intensive scoliosis rehab plan is a 1-2 week program where a patient undergoes 2x/treatments a day Mon-Thurs. and 1x/ treatment on Friday. Each treatment session is 2-3 hours.

 Each session consists of spinal soft tissue warm up, specific spinal adjustment, scoliosis rehabilitation, neuro-sensory retraining and neuro-muscular retraining. 

The last treatment visit, we will re x-Ray the spine and do a reexamination. We will give the patient ( and parents) a home blueprint plan to follow.
Each ISRP is tailor made to each patient. 

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

1.) Ages 8 and up
( we have scoliosis patients from 8 to 84)

2.) People who live quite a distance from our clinic ( we have seen patients from all the world)

3.) People willing to work and will do the work at home.  


We do our best to make our care as accessible as possible. We do take most insurances and Medicare.
Our staff can check your insurance information.

We offer Care Credit, which is a credit company that offers interest free payments up to 18 months.

We also offer E-Z autopay, this is an affordable automatic deduction occurring monthly up to 12 months. Everyone qualifies and a 50% down payment is required.
* Everyone qualifies with US government issued identification and a primary and secondary payment account

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express


For individuals that are interested in our ISRP treatment, we offer a free initial consultation by phone.
Give us a call at 586-716-8338 to set up a free consultation.

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